Active Release

Active Release is a technique used to increase range of motion in joints where the range has become limited. Pressure is applied to trigger points on muscular attachment at the joint, while the client actively participates by moving within the range of the joint, releasing the muscle and ligaments tissues and increasing range of motion.

Matthew Mandel – Advanced

Matthew has been a wellness industry professional for 25 years. He has worked in clinics with physicians, physical therapists and chiropractors and is available T/W/Sat.

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Michael Brian Seger – Experienced

Michael has honed his skills as a professional and has worked with thousands of clients. He is an empathetic and gentle, yet firm and experienced therapist and is available TH/F/S.

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Melissa Bardachino – Advanced

Melissa integrates Eastern and Western theory and technique through an array of bodywork modalities, while emphasizing the importance of an individually tailored session. She is available F/Sat.

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