Our Therapists

We use these distinctions to differentiate between our therapists. Rates vary by distinction.

Skilled Therapists are newer therapists working on their continuing education experience.
Experienced Therapists have more experience and significant continuing education.
Advanced Therapists have significant experience, continuing education and offer specialized treatments.

Beth Ellenberger – Experienced

As a Holistic Health Practitioner with over 10 years of experience, Beth pulls from a variety of treatment techniques to create a personalized treatment for each client. She is available M/T/F/Sat.

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Jessica Tevik – Skilled

Jessica uses deliberate, long, fluid, slow strokes and her massage may include cranial-sacral, compression therapy, Thai massage, and energetic support. She is available TH/F/Sat.

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Laura Allen – Skilled

Laura has a passion for working with her clients and focusing on their individual needs. She integrates different techniques to help decrease muscle pain and tension and help her clients live a pain free, active life style. She is available T/W/TH/Sat.

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Lynn Abraham – Advanced

With over 20 years of massage experience and a life time as an athlete, Lynn is able to customize her sessions to meet a wide range of needs. She is available W/F.

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Melissa Bardachino – Experienced

Melissa integrates Eastern and Western theory and technique through an array of bodywork modalities, while emphasizing the importance of an individually tailored session. She is available F/Sat.

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Nicole Priola – Experienced

Nicole enjoys working with her clients to help them achieve their wellness goals and designs personal treatment plans to facilitate client success. She is available M/T/W/TH.

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Sally Gilbert-Lewien – Advanced

Sally specializes in failed and unresolved cases using Spinal Reflex Therapy. Please call to schedule a consultation or to inquire about her SRT teaching schedule. Sally is available M – TH.

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Sydney Fuller – Skilled

Sydney works to loosen the fascial structure to release restriction on nerves. Assisted stretching and body mobilization techniques may also be utilized. She is available M/T/W/F.

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Tamara Lackey – Skilled

Tamara focuses on working with clients in chronic pain to help them find therapeutic relief by using her relaxing style to reduce stress and treat specific areas of concern. She is available M/T/W/TH.

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